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About us
SVJ Hydraulic Global Limited Company was founded in 2018. Employees have completed a three-year technical internship at Sakura Sonic Co., Ltd., a hydraulic set-up company. We will respond to customer’s request with technology of trust in Japan.
1. Mission 
Speaking of hydraulic pressure in Vietnam, we aim to become a company that is widely recognized as “SVJ”. We aim to be a company that contributes to the development of Vietnamese industry.
2. Vision
1) We want to be a company trusted by customers.
2) We would like to be a company trusted by suppliers / communities.
3) We want to be a company that improves the level of technology and responds in good faith to everything.
3. Contents of work
– Design and manufacture of hydraulic unit
– Sales of hydraulic equipment (Daikin Industries, Ltd.)
– Sales of hydraulic accessories (Act Electric Machinery Industry) · ASK · Shingu Industry · Masuda Works · Hirose Valve · Japan Accumulator · Horiuchi Machinery
– Sales of hydraulic hoses (Yokohama Rubber)
– Plumbing welding
※ Please order the maintenance to Sakura Sonic Vietnam which is brother company.